Welcome to Sturgis West – Breaking New Grounda collaborative effort by Studio G Architects, J.K. Scanlan Company and Sturgis Charter Public School to provide up-to-date posts and photographs during the construction of Sturgis West. Witnessing the daily progress is very exciting and we hope this publication will provide you with a ringside seat. For the most recent news on Sturgis West construction, click Latest Construction News on the Menu Bar above.

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Brief Summary of Sturgis West Construction Plans

By Eric Hieser, Executive Director, Sturgis Charter Public School

We are encouraged by an able crew working hard to ensure that the goals set before them are met in a timely fashion. For perspective, it is no small task to create a facility for the education of 400 students to be completed in August – especially when the only thing visible in April is the foundation.

This project can and will happen only because a dedicated group of people, including Studio G Architects, General Contractor J. K. Scanlan, and Sturgis Project Manager Michael Moynihan are working hard as a team to create additional space to allow 400 more students to have an opportunity to experience an International Baccalaureate “IB for All” education.

The time frame for rapid completion of our new facility looks something like this:

1.      All site related work is completed in April 2012.

2.      During site work, permanent modules are simultaneously  fabricated off-site in Pennsylvania.

3.      After modules are delivered in May, many workers will swarm the site to complete all related work.

4.      Sturgis staff and members of the Sturgis community will then work to create the finished environment in preparation for the opening of Sturgis West for the 2012-13 school year.

We have a great deal of anticipation as we look forward over the next few months.  Our vision is becoming a reality!

Sturgis West Groundbreaking – December 16, 2011
(Left to Right) Eric Hieser – Sturgis Executive Director, Lisa Kirkwood – TD Bank, Jim Albrecht – Sturgis Director of Operations, Peter Steedman – Associate Director, Sturgis West, Cameron Bass – Class of 2014, Finn Swenson – Class of 2014, Ray Sessler, President – Sturgis Board of Trustees, Michael Moynihan – Treasurer, William Sturgis Foundation, Tamar Warburg – Studio G Architects, Cynthia Hall and Fred Work – Sturgis Board of Trustees.