A Trip to Visit Sturgis West in Pennsylvania

A Trip to Visit Sturgis West in Pennsylvania

By Tamar Warburg, Studio G Architects

The Sturgis West design team traveled to Liverpool, Pennsylvania this week to tour Innovative Design & Building Services (IDBS), the modular construction factory that is building the new Sturgis West School. Sturgis is breaking new ground in the construction industry. In order to open the new school by September, the foundation and site work for the new building are being built at the same time as the floors, walls and roof are built in an off-site factory at IDBS.

As engineer Alan Behrent said, “Henry Ford would be proud”. Sturgis Representative Michael Moynihan and Studio G Architects Tamar Warburg and Steve Michener were amazed to see the 150 workers swarming across our 96 ‘modules’, installing the framing, insulation, electrical conduit, drywall and windows.

This month, the modules are being loaded onto trailers and trucked 400 miles, through New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island, and finally across the Bourne Bridge to their permanent home on Cape Cod. After months of planning, it will take only three weeks to erect them on our West Main Street site. Then the JK Scanlan’s site supervisor Mel Dishman and project manager Tom Shevory take over. Their crews are poised to install the exterior cladding and interior finishes, and will complete the construction of the new school this summer.

Stay tuned for future updates as the Sturgis construction continues.

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