Sturgis West Rolls Into Town

By Tamar Warburg, Studio G Architects

Why are huge gift-wrapped parcels making their way over the Bourne Bridge this week?  They are Sturgis West coming home to Hyannis all the way from Pennsylvania.  The first shipment of thirty modules is crossing over the Bourne Bridge en route to 105 West Main Street this week.

JK Scanlan site supervisor Mel Dishman will work closely with the manufacturer, Innovative Design & Building Services (IDBS), set crew to erect the first third of the building during the week of May 21.  The sequence is carefully choreographed: first the roof modules will be lifted by cranes and placed on top of the second floor modules.  Then the first floor modules will be placed on top of the foundation, and then the second floor modules will be placed on top of the first floor.

Once the building modules are assembled, the Scanlan crew will install the mechanical and sprinkler systems, and complete the exterior cladding and interior finishes.

Stay tuned for future updates as the Sturgis construction continues.

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