A Vision Becomes Reality

By Peter Steedman, Sturgis West Principal

Sturgis West Students Visit New School
Spirit Day ~ May 23, 2012
Photo by Mia Berger, Class of 2014

“Will we have enough students sign-up for soccer?”
“Will we be able to have a S.T.A.G.E production?”
“Will we have a Spirit Week?”
“Can we replicate the rigor of East?”

These questions were on my mind 12 months ago today.  Of course, the other question that was on everyone’s mind was, “Will the new school be built?”  The answer to all of these questions is a resounding – Yes!

As I drove to the site yesterday, after witnessing the joy of Sturgis West students as they ate, played and ran at our fabulous first Field Day on a beautiful spring day, I was amazed to see the construction of a two story building.  It is being built.  We had a tremendously successful soccer season, the S.T.A.G.E. production last weekend was amazing, West pulled off one of the most successful Spirit Weeks in Sturgis history and students are currently preparing for their final exams after a challenging and rigorous academic year.

Eric Hieser’s vision to replicate Sturgis is coming to fruition.  He believed in the possibility of West, even when I was filled with doubt on whether we could make this happen.  Thanks to the courage of the students, the support of the parents and the commitment by the staff, Sturgis West is thriving.

I pass by the construction every day as I drive home.  Every day, I stop and observe the progress.  It is breathtaking to know that in a few months, Sturgis West will be opening its doors to over 300 students and that the junior class will be commencing its journey with the International Baccalaureate program.

Although my initial questions have been answered, I know that other questions will arise.  As Eric Hieser often says to his faculty, “when you maintain, you lose.”  As I look at the crane putting the building together, I no longer dread the uncertainty of unanswered questions. I realize that they are simply an opportunity for growth.

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