Noticeable Construction has Started at Sturgis West

By Meghan Agostinelli, Co-editor
Photos by Alicia Pollard, Co-editor
Sturgis Storm Watch: Sturgis East Student Newspaper

Starting at Sturgis East, head west down Main Street, drive around the West End rotary, drive past the Melody Tent, and take a left onto a dusty road just before the Stop & Shop petrol station. You have now arrived at the future home for Sturgis West.

At present, the site looks like a “big jigsaw puzzle” as aptly described by Mr. Hyer. A huge pile of sand is located in the middle of the construction site. But, the full foundation is laid in place, indicating the large footprint of what will become of the two-story construction. Piles of pipes lie in various areas throughout the site. About a dozen modules, all transported here from Pennsylvania, stand in a row. Each module is covered with white tarp, and each has been written on in red ink to indicate where the piece will later be placed.

Although much work remains, the construction workers are rapidly making headway. Two modules, including windows, have been placed upon the foundation, and completely assembled.

On the pleasant spring day that co-editor-in-chief Alicia Pollard and I ventured over to the site, the construction workers were hard at work. Workers guided the crane into lifting giant slabs of wood sub-foundations for each module onto the permanent concrete foundation. They then gently guided the wood into place to tie it down using large nuts onto bolts that had already been sunk into the concrete.

Driving by the construction site each morning on my way to school, I notice that each day the progress becomes more evident. And I know that by the time August rolls around, the pieces of this jigsaw puzzle will finally all fit together.

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