Sturgis West Takes Shape at Rapid Pace

Eric Hieser, Executive Director
Visits Sturgis West May 30, 2012

After years of planning, Sturgis West is taking shape before our eyes.  As of this morning, 58 of 96 modular units have been installed. The set crew has completed installation on the western “long side” of the school and is now working on the entry section which includes a reception area and open stairway/amphitheater.  This section is especially interesting in modular construction because it includes six open unique pieces rather than the typical totally enclosed classroom units. Tamar Warburg, Studio G Architect, predicts it will take two full workdays to complete installation of the entry section.

The set crew is taking advantage of every daylight hour by working long 10–12 hour days to complete the assembly of Sturgis West by June 8.  Mel Dishman, J.K. Scanlon Site Supervisor, explained that after the last sections of sheetrock are installed, work on plumbing, electrical, HVAC, sprinkler and roofing systems will begin. Sturgis West will have a heat-reflective and energy efficient TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) roof that includes a tapered installation system.

Mr. Dishman is a veteran of Sturgis renovation and construction projects. He was the site supervisor of two Sturgis East renovation projects and is now overseeing the construction of our new campus. Long days of managing various crews do not seem to dampen his energy. He notes with a smile, “We are one month away from adding sidewalks.”

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