Modular Assembly Completed in Three Weeks

By Tamar Warburg, Architect

Studio G’s visit to Sturgis West was timed for the end of May for good reason: all 96 modules that compose the new 45,000 SF building would be erected in a three week period from May 21- June 8.  The design team of Tamar Warburg and Steve Michener were happy to bring the entire Studio G staff to Cape Cod on May 23 to witness the spectacle firsthand, watching the setting of modules by the Innovative Design & Building Services (IDBS) modular manufacturer crew on top of the foundation erected by general contractor JK Scanlan. One by one the large gift-wrapped parcels were unwrapped, fitted with cables, and hoisted into place by a giant crane, swayed in the wind, and then set down, one corner at a time, and fitted into place.

Later that afternoon, a group of thirty 9th grade students visited their new school. They had a chance to interview the architect and Tamar answered their eager questions.  Yes, every classroom would have operable windows and lighting that responds to changing daylight from the outside.  Yes, the building will have air-conditioning. Yes, there will be an elevator—but only for those who need it. And the giant steps are a small amphitheater that opens to one side of the main stair linking the first and second floors with skylights above.

The students left energized about coming back to their new school in September.

Today, Peter Steedman, Sturgis West Principal, and Jim Albrecht, Director of Finance and Operations, explored the interior and had an opportunity to envision classrooms taking shape in the newly assembled school.

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