It Takes Many Hands to Build a School

By Marion Weeks, Sturgis Community Outreach Coordinator

The interior of Sturgis West is a hive of activity these days while various crews work simultaneously. One crew is “buttoning up” the modular units by patching joints of sheetrock and flooring. Another crew led by Tom McDermott is installing wiring for voice and data networks, wireless and LCD projectors. Other crews are installing plumbing and sprinkler systems, drop-down ceilings, electrical cables, and HVAC systems.

Work is not confined to the interior alone. Along the base of the exterior, crews are pouring concrete for a knee wall that connects to the foundation.  Meanwhile crews have constructed a parapet that rises above the main entrance. In short, work continues at a rapid pace from top to bottom and throughout the new school. As Eric Hieser and Peter Steedman surveyed the progress today, they were very pleased to see how various crews are pulling together to help us meet our deadlines to open the new campus in August.

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