Paint Brings Color to Sturgis West

By Marion Weeks, Community Outreach Coordinator

Classrooms Come Alive with Color

Sturgis West construction continues on many fronts at once and steady progress can be seen throughout the building. Inspections of various systems periodically take place and are checked off. Plumbing was inspected and approved June 29. Electrical and sprinkler rough inspections will be completed by July 6.

Installation of Underlayment

Trucks are now arriving with materials that will provide finishing touches such as flooring, siding and ceramic tiles. Meanwhile, underlayment is currently being installed to subfloors; exterior siding work is progressing; construction of stairway to basement is complete; overall roof is complete and roof curbs are now being installed; lights are being mounted in suspended ceilings before installation of acoustical ceiling tiles next week. One of the most remarkable transitions is to see how classrooms come alive with color as crews paint room by room.

Mel Dishman and DeWayne Blackwell

A variety of crews work simultaneously on multiple projects: electrical, plumbing, sprinkler system, alarm system, painting, etc. Mel Dishman, Scanlon site supervisor, manages to appear cool and calm in the face of a constant flurry of activity as crews come and go. A key modular construction crew is finishing up and heading home to Liverpool, Pennsylvania. Before the crew left, I enjoyed having the opportunity to see Mel Dishman and DeWayne Blackwell, Manager of Field Operations for Excel Home Group, shake hands over a job well done with Sturgis West rising prominently behind them.

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