Cape Cod Colors Enhance Sturgis West

By Tamar Warburg, Studio G Architect

Color selections for Sturgis West Campus were resolved with the help of a dedicated group of teachers, staff and design professionals.  We decided early on to bring Cape landscape colors to the outside walls: slate blue and soft green, the colors of sea and sky. The silver aluminum entries are like the boulders and piers that punctuate the seascape.  Interior colors are more vibrant, with Tidewater Blue in the lobby and sunny yellow in the classrooms,  but all the color choices are integrated with the sun/sea/sky/wooded landscapes of Cape Cod.  This approach extended to the warm earth tones in the bathrooms, including Sturgis Representative Mike Moynihan’s personal favorite, ‘Chivalry Copper’ for the boys.  And best of all is the skylight over the main stair hall at the center of the building, washing sunlight down past white walls to the warm, clear finish maple panels of the amphitheater and stair.

Crews are working in shifts 24 hours a day to complete construction and paint the interior. When the day shift finishes work, the evening shift arrives to lay the tile floors at night.  Everyone is working extremely hard to make it possible for Sturgis West to open on schedule.

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