Final Stages of Completion

By Eric Hieser, Executive Director

Our summer holidays are coming to a close and I hope that you and your families have had an enjoyable break and well-deserved rest.  Several of us have been working throughout the summer but all of us were able to have some time away.

Jay Finbeiner and Crew at Sturgis East

Jay Finbeiner and his work crew have been painting and cleaning Sturgis East so that the building is in much better shape than it has been in the past.  We have new flooring in several rooms and have several more rooms scheduled for new flooring during the coming months.

Northwest Corner 8-20-12

While East has been going through a rehab, Sturgis West is down to the wire in the final stages of completion. Our general contractor, J.K. Scanlon, has told us that we should be able to start on time on August 29. They are working long days to have it ready for us on the first day of school.

Teacher Desks Arrive in Classrooms

400 student lockers and 35 teacher desks were assembled and installed last week. 300 student desks and 400 chairs were delivered last Thursday.  The painters and flooring installers are working on the final touches over the next couple of days.  All systems are go to open on time but in the case of construction projects, it is always wise to keep fingers and toes crossed!



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