JK Scanlan Company, Inc.

John Scanlan started the JK Scanlan Company in 1984. In less than 25 years, we have grown into one of the largest commercial contracting firms in Massachusetts with over 60 employees doing projects in 8 states. Our company headquarters is in the Falmouth Technology Park in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

Building a Family Legacy of Construction Expertise Spanning Three Generations

The love of construction is part of the Scanlan family heritage. John grew up surrounded by talk of construction projects. His grandfather and father taught him that complex buildings require the combined expertise only found in teams. We’re convinced our success in New England’s competitive construction industry is due to our philosophy that “Teams Build Buildings”. This belief has been the cornerstone of our project management from day one.

How our Teams are Built

JK Scanlan Company creates each Construction Team by combining the estimating and project management departments to assess cost and constructability of the project right at the beginning. This ensures there is continuity and accountability throughout all phases of construction.

Every project has at minimum a six person construction team from its earliest stages. Each JK Scanlan Team has a professional serving in each of the following positions:

Our clients from both the public and private sector have embraced our Team Concept, recognizing the efficiency and superior results it delivers. We’re proud of our Client and Project list. It has been a privilege to be part of these impressive and important projects.

John (President) and Richard Scanlan (Vice President of Operations) remain involved in each project from the initial contact through project completion assuring the team maintains the highest standards. At the JK Scanlan Company, establishing and maintaining client trust is of paramount importance. We do this by ensuring that the highest standards of integrity and customer service are provided to each and every project we manage. Our success depends on it.

Our Mission Statement

JK Scanlan Company will build its business by developing long term repeat relationships with its clients. The linchpin of these relationships will be mutual trust; establishing high expectations for competence, quality and service. Teamwork amongst all employees is our ethic. It is our teamwork which is critical to sustaining our reputation, and significant presence in the New England region.

JK Scanlan Company will endeavor to increase their breadth of services by continuing to invest in technology and intellectual capital. This will create economic value for stakeholders and our performance will be measured against the “Best of Class” contractors.