Studio G Architects

We are Studio G Architects:

We draw upon a 15-year history as Gail Sullivan Associates, maintaining its essential values and augmenting them with a vibrant, multi-disciplinary capacity, broadened client base and geographic reach. We offer a wide range of design services to public and private clients, tackling each project and each client’s agenda with a fresh and creative approach.

We specialize in:

  • a group of designers building sustainable communities, a project at a time.
  • designing buildings, landscapes and neighborhoods for living, working, playing and gathering.
  • preserving historic structures, often adapting them to new uses.
  • commercial revitalization and community planning projects that enhance urban, suburban and rural environments.
  • investing each project with the most environmentally responsible choices possible given the constraints of program and budget.

Design is a powerful tool. It resolves problems, reveals unexpected solutions, and unifies different points of view into a satisfying and singular outcome. Yet, a great project isn’t the only outcome of good design. Design also educates, engages and transforms. Studio G Architects’ approach educates clients about the relevance of the design process to their individual needs and to community, regional and global concerns; it engages diverse groups of people to develop ideas and generate enthusiasm for the project; and it transforms environments and the people who inhabit them. At Studio G Architects our goal is to leverage the capacity of design to craft rich, individualized and highly functional designs that arise through connection with our clients and the insight and self-knowledge they acquire through participation in the process.